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Female outpatient

Treatment overview

Every woman wants to be beautiful forever. In the female outpatient clinic of the M Regeneration Clinic, stem cells and stem cell-derived are used for skin wrinkles, dullness, sagging, wrinkles We carry out beauty treatment, preventive treatment, and aging treatment centering on the supernatant. In addition to regenerative medicine, we also treat female genital problems such as urine leakage that is difficult to consult with people, insensitivity during sexual intercourse, and size of vulva. Counseling by a female doctor is also available upon request.

Treatment content

① Stem cell therapy
② Stem cell culture supernatant liquid treatment
③ ACRS (autologous blood cytokine rich serum) treatment
④ Stem cell fat injection (SVF-CAL)
⑤ Vitamin drip treatment
⑥ Laser treatment
⑦ Peeling treatment etc.

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