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Life Science Institute

Hospital culture facility

Generally, cells are vulnerable to environmental changes such as vibration and temperature change and easily necrotized, but since our hospital has a culture facility on the premises, it is possible to quickly collect cells while maintaining the activity of the collected cells. Can be cultivated. In addition, fresher stem cells can be used by thawing the frozen stem cells immediately before treatment.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Our hospital conducts original stem cell research in collaboration with the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo

Stem cell culture movie

Mesenchymal stem cells

The mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) used in our hospital were confirmed in the bone marrow by Friedenstein and his colleagues around 1970, and subsequently found not only in the bone marrow but also in various tissues such as adipose tissue, umbilical cord, and cartilage. It was. As MSC research progresses, various functions and characteristics are revealed, and in addition to pluripotency such as iPS cells and ES cells, mesenchymal stem cells secrete cytokines and growth factors and repair damaged tissues. Is shown to do. (Fig. 2) When hair roots of the scalp are treated with stem cells and supernatant, hair growth may occur. (Fig. 1) It should be further noted that when MSCs are systemically administered, MSCs have a “homing ability” that accumulates in the affected area. (Fig. 3) (Fig. 4) (However, there are individual differences in the effects.) At this institute, we are conducting daily research to realize tailor-made treatment for regenerative treatment.


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