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What is regenerative treatment?

For example, humans have the power to regenerate so that the tail of a lizard can be regenerated even if it is detached. That is why hair and nails grow steadily. Regeneration treatment is not to treat the function lost due to injury or illness with a chemical synthetic drug, but to restore the lost function by using the “regenerative power” of cells in the body. It is a treatment aiming at.

What is stem cell regenerative therapy?

There are about 37 trillion cells in our body, about 20 billion of which die every day and are reborn as new cells. Stem cells are essential for the regeneration of this cell. Stem cell therapy is a treatment that aims to restore the function of organs or tissues damaged by damage or aging.

  • Since all the stem cells used are collected from the patient himself, there are no rejection reactions or side effects. (Very rarely allergic reactions occur.)
  • The wound at the time of collecting fat is about 1 cm or less, and it is an outpatient treatment with less invasion to the body.
  • Unlike iPS and ES cells, it is a safe treatment without ethical problems or the possibility of canceration.
  • Stem cell therapy may restore tissue function and repair defects.

4 Benefits of Stem Cell Treatment



It is a highly safe treatment without the risk of major side effects seen in drug treatment and tumorigenesis like iPS cells.

No Rejection

No Rejection

Because stem cells used are collected from each patient, there is no rejection due to transplantation.

Minimal Invasive

Minimal Invasive

Since only a small amount of fat is collected from the abdomen, it is minimally invasive for the patient.



There are no ethical issues like iPS cells and ES cells.
*Stem cell therapy is a new treatment in the research stage, and scientific arguments to assure safety and therapeutic effects are not yet complete.

6 Effects of Stem Cell Treatment

It is expected to suppress inflammation and improve symptoms caused by arthritis, vasculitis as well as chronic pain.

Reduces active oxygen and prevents cellular aging.

Prevents cell suicide (apoptosis).

It regulates and suppresses the immune system and is expected to have an effect on autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, atopy, and Crohn’s disease.

Because it creates new blood vessels and improves blood flow, it is expected to have an effect on arteriosclerosis and lower limb ischemia.

Differentiation of stem cells into various cells is expected to be effective in activating normal tissues and regenerating structures and functions lost due to deficient or deformed tissues.

Flow of stem cell therapy

Doctor Consultation

To decide the most suitable treatment plan for each patient.

Blood Tests

To check on infectious diseases.

Fat Collection

Usually takes 20cc of fat from the stomach.


Local injection or I.V.

Follow Up

3 months, 6 months or 12 months after treatment.

Permit certificate

M Regeneration Clinic has been officially licensed by the Research and Development Promotion Division, Medical Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Joint research with the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo

Permission to open

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Specific cell processed product manufacturing notification

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